2, Google link+ command chain: domain name + colon.


commonly used the chain query tool:

1, love Shanghai outside the chain of command domain+ domain name + colon.

three a chain query tool which can help us, of course YAHOO chain, help in front of three tools co.. Is there a better tool? If you can let us know what competitors outside the chain to help more ranking, then we have the spirit of "people I have, I have no people" principle, but also to those places to do a few outside the chain. It is not half, rankings rapidly. The answer is: YAHOO outside the chain, pay attention to what I say is the YAHOO chain, rather than Yahoo China chain.

the role of the chain lies in the website to expand the connections, to let more people know your site, but also let the search engines know that this site is popular with everyone love, many people recommend the site, the spider will judge the site of high reliability, so it will lead the spider to your website the content of the website. In addition, we do the chain besides doing our own job, we must understand the chain competitors, Zhiyizhibi to 100, tired not idle. The quantity and quality of the website and the competitor’s website chain, in order to understand what the chain played a role, which chain plays a huge role, to help the site get good rankings. But unfortunately, the three outer chain query tools are not what a big role, the first is the number of inaccurate, followed by sorting no basis, which cannot link more important. Then how can we do to query the chain competitors, which are useful for

is the chain query tool, before we do the chain webmaster itself our own website, the stick to it, believe in a near future one day, your site will develop quickly, do not expect today issued outside the chain, the website will immediately change, this is not possible, the development of the website needs change after a period of time, only unremittingly efforts to finally get the fruits of victory, even if successful, >

3, Yahoo China chain: Yahoo China webmaster tools to query

website, in addition to the content of the website update and maintenance, do one of the chain site is also essential every day, every day the chain update is one of the essential ability of every webmaster. So do the site outside the chain must know what? Why do the chain? We as a webmaster and how to query the site outside the chain? As the occupation of Shanghai dragon ER, master the query site outside the chain of tools, and understand why to do outside the chain, which is about common sense, do the webmaster, do Shanghai dragon ER why check outside the chain? What good is it? We should understand this, the chain related website ranking quality. Ranking outside chain effect is mainly from two aspects of quantity and quality. What is the role of the chain of