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mood can change people’s way of thinking in a certain extent, guide us and avoid bad, in a very pleasant warm environment, more and more people can accept some of the content they usually can not accept.

as everyone knows, product advertising is to make the user very disgusted, on the one hand is not only because of advertising to the user trust is very low, on the other hand is cold product advertising interface is difficult to sense the user’s emotional response, and they cannot communicate.

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(2), fast memory

from the individual, the Shanghai dragon optimization have many articles, when I see these articles, I love to see the beginning (since the beginning of the paper, and then the other person more) content, a glance small title, I want the content selection. But for some personal webmaster experience experience, I will look very carefully, especially some of the description of their entire optimization growth experience, this article can resonate with users, a story of its own, whether true or not, it always baffel reader.

advertising products

is the most obvious, love Shanghai search engine on the front page of the logo chart, with 24 solar term of year Chinese, 8 traditional festivals of different settings into different page. For example, the Dragon Boat Festival, it is the Dragon Boat logo.

is now on the Internet, the platform always have their own specific functions, for novice users, these >

if the product can interface advertising personification, human feelings and beliefs into goods, pleasure and joy to the user, resulting in more emotional intersection.

2, a memory

cute cartoon characters task, compared to rigid rigid, more people are interested in.


owners often use "6.28", "8.23" and so on, for the owners concerned believe they are not strange, talking about these experiences, as long as it is experienced webmaster can attract by it, to seize the user experience in common, shared memory, the "feelings" elements should not be overlooked.

we all know people are emotional animal, life and growth in nature with the passions, the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, computer, network, the popularity of mobile devices and other technology products, people can feel the design to a more comprehensive real color: instinct, behavior and reflection. A story, a memory connection or even a particular product can be very effective to frame the spiritual world of the user.

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(1), emotional communication