(6) classified information network (people network, 58 city, the list of network, Ganji, Yideng nets, reputation nets, school express network, Tianya classified information network etc.)

two registered and logged in

(1) education and training enrollment website name registration center directly with

registered account, some people think that this is not simple, direct registration information out, official audit is not passed, but there is also a little skill. I summed up the four points, we can see:

is not listed here. Our second step into the following.

(1) professional training sites (training network, network, College Admissions Network)

(4) blog (Sina, Sohu, NetEase, and Alibaba, blog, etc.)

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(3) Forum (forum, forum, college entrance examination training, campus network technology forum forum, forum, and other job seekers can charge high weight forum advertising information etc.)

(2) Sina, Sohu, NetEase and other education channel

information both for the novice or done for a long time Shanghai dragon, is a topic in a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but now the Internet release of information, some are the norm? Is to how to send it how to send, the blind pursuit of multiple, but ignore the quality of the basic information. Especially, since August 2012, Shanghai love changes the link algorithm, most of the site because of spam and right down, some even K station, so the webmaster and now we are not the reflection, we are not the careful about our information released? Now is not on the outside of the chain, it you can go up, now pay attention, the quality of the chain, so in 2013, how can we build a high quality information issued by the chain? The following is a summary of the 5 aspects, hope to all the webmaster friends help!

(5) love Shanghai space

because I am engaged in the education industry, so I take our industry norms to explain to you, some considerations and methods of information released by

how to find distribution channels and information channels to actually find more related to the better, we can go to the sea search love education forum, or use some love Shanghai query command, for example: inurl:bbs intitle: training. By analogy, by using this method, you can find a lot of useful forum, information resources classification. For example, I list a few below to find their own resources:

(2) forum sites with different identity registration, such as college entrance examination candidates or the candidates parents forum can be registered, the campus network can be registered student status, job seekers and recruiters forum can register.

release channel

There are many more channels in the