3, then love Shanghai is how to judge the quality of a web site and page quality, Shanghai will use the love of spiders, when spiders crawl to the correct quality to make the content of the spiders to crawl after the first will be saved to the server, and then calculate and update. This is what we often see some sites, yesterday, the message is still love Shanghai home, but second days have gone. Shanghai will love this information to do PV judgment, then the page for users to search, but not the actual value of the page out rate is very high, so that the page is the user does not love, that is the content of the page may not be able to meet user needs, then he will put this page or hide in addition to T. This is why love Shanghai pay attention to the original article, but refused to imitation articles.



Shanghai, how to get good rankings and your own website is not divided, we first need to understand a little love, which will be included in Shanghai ", what is the purpose of included

1, many people still doubt that those who love Shanghai website contains all the money, in fact. So much love in this market in Shanghai to make existing, are based on user search system, because of strong competition, love Shanghai need to upgrade their boss in the industry’s image, so he will have users as the core, make the user experience better website.

we have so often a group of friends, said the leader, we spent a lot of money to do a very nice site, why our website in love don’t say you can’t find the sea, the sea is not to fall in love with you, a website we so much love, Shanghai received a record company the full name of the other data of a no, this is why? Do you design for rattan professional team, help us analyse the reason. What about this topic today we do for professional web design agency to share with us these years of experience and harvest.

4, love Shanghai spiders to crawl content just to facilitate the screening, it will probably meet the requirements of the site chosen, because your site is not included, because the experience is good, the content is good, but the page itself to love Shanghai included, although the experience and content is very important, but not included representatives will lead to weight that doesn’t mean he will give you his rank, but stored in the database, preparing for the day after. If your site is.

2, we assume that these sites are to rely on money to row up, then what is not the site as long as the money, cheating can on the home page, and not that valuable website ranking on the home page to? The answer is very simple, love Shanghai only by their own search content and improve the quality in order to allow users to better use of his the search engine, here we simply say, in fact, love Shanghai included the site and the page is to find comprehensive higher quality ".

In fact, love is to be included in