1, the size of the picture and the size of

7, the original

image optimization ALT tag is the most basic things, the most basic is more important, after uploading pictures well don’t forget ALT tag. The spider is by ALT to determine the image content, but it is not recommended to stack keywords in ALT tags, with the title of the article is a good choice.

ALT label, title is most of Shanghai dragon forgotten, in fact I believe that this is as important as compared with the ALT label. As shown below, when users hover over the image will display the text, this experience is of great help to the user, but also more than a keyword.

picture naming

is illustrated and the user in the form of love love Shanghai, pay attention to the size and dimensions of the picture should be time but the use of pictures. Love Shanghai in the search results page to display pictures, actually not all pages of the given display, a display image is the image size rule is close to 121:75, the webmaster can adjust the picture size according to the rules. In addition the picture size will affect the page open speed, the picture is too big, too slow to open the page user experience is not friendly, according to the principle of 3 seconds more than 3 seconds, the page user might want to leave you.

images text around the pictureSee figure

4 pictures of title tag


recently love Shanghai search results of a major change is to show pictures, it can be seen from the picture of Shanghai love weight additional higher than before, a very important image optimization. Eight tips below I share pictures optimization, there is a way you don’t know.


this may be ignored by the majority of Shanghai dragon Er, thought the pictures uploaded to the website OK. Details determine success or failure, but also has a knack of picture name. In this article as an example, the theme is "image optimization skills". Pictures can be changed to 贵族宝贝upload.admin5贵族宝贝//, careful Shanghai dragon can be found, the title "skills" in the picture also contains "Jiqiao", increase the correlation, there are some benefits of ranking.

3 pictures of ALT tag

picture clarity

love Shanghai original content more and more love, a copy.

, there is a similar copyright text below the picture, love Shanghai in addition to reference ALT tags also refer to the surrounding text to guess what the picture is about.


Comparison of the

sometimes the essence of an article is the picture, if a "XX structure" of the article, the user is trying to see details of the structure, the text again good content and rich, if the value of picture is not clear enough for users greatly discounted.