review: do not remember love Shanghai is the ten largest real-time hotspot launched at what time "(" love Shanghai home page below ten information), but to launch after the person is still pretty love. One can know the latest news and information, and the "ten information recommendation" general coverage is also great, so every day to see love Shanghai "ten real hot", also became a part of my life. However, a Saturday, let me to love Shanghai "ten real hot" produced a new understanding.

summary: of course, the above is only some personal views are speculation factors in it. But to say Shanghai has launched the "ten hot recommendation", has a very strong appeal! It is "speculation" a magic weapon, started a brand

No. 25 Quan Zhendong index for the 57731, Liu Yue 22445


right Zhendong love Shanghai index for 14970, Liu Yue 8451.


"The Voice of China" index also reached a record high of 2152929


but other events of No. 24 high index, but there are many! For example: "Harbin yangmingtan bridge" and "Hainan Water Festival", the former is 87481 which is 57618




on Saturday (August 25th) afternoon, when I opened the Shanghai love home view "ten real hot", I suddenly found a very strange phenomenon. Recommendation ten hot, even four are related to "The Voice of China"! Is my feeling at that time, too horrible, this is not "advertisement"? But I think that "The Voice of China" was popularized very successfully, does not rule out people really too much of it. So, I love Shanghai index one by one the four messages one by one. Because a lot of pictures, here is one of the two main display information. Two singers index is high! (August 24th)

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first thing, for some reason did not show, you know. But I just remember the second morning show soon gone. The four piece of information, it shows the whole afternoon! Until I come home after dinner (around 9), there are three display so in love with the sea, so we have to look at several of these information are what change! No. 25 love Shanghai index shows that the two singers index all three or four times over several million or so! The keyword index, in just one day time is over three or four times, it can only be used to describe the terrorist