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 :     I’ve also discovered some of the so-called techniques in the process of making friends, and I’ve been using these methods when I’m just doing it, but to be honest, those methods are against the rules. Fortunately, I stopped these methods at the right time and sought new security skills. Only in this way can I be accepted by Asian friends and get real returns. Otherwise, even if you receive one or two checks when you cheat, it will be a fluke, and it will eventually show "Mount Lu"".

      but when the account was terminated, the hard earned money suddenly changed to 0. The webmaster also only sad, and hope that we can abide by the rules of the game, in the rules within the efforts to make money. I think that’s what Asian friends want to see.

      I was the webmaster network Jiangsu sub station jszzz of the favorite sea. Today, just received a friend news, there are several ya friends webmaster account is terminated. I chatted with them for a while before I realized that these two days of Asian dating really stopped many accounts. I can not help but sigh: "Asia must comply with the rules of the game.".

 :     now, the high profits of Asian friends are known by every webmaster. In the highly effective state, it is issued to US $1 / man, 2 U. S. dollars / female standard. Even in the inefficient state, also reached $0.15 / men, 0.3 U. S. dollars / woman, this is the fundamental motive of the webmaster adventure.

wonderful views summary:

I never see the money is not, or not too much interest, so I do things instead focus more on how to get things done.