search related words long tail, I believe we all know it, at the same time love Shanghai search will come out a search in the search box at the bottom, love Shanghai. The related search terms are analyzed, find out more easily optimization words, then your website as long tail words.

every day to see the network above are some website optimization articles, not to say that the station update on the construction of the chain etc.. I believe we look boring, you want to see some of the more useful, and more offbeat article, today I realize you dream.

long tail word choice in third steps:

2. for the long tail words website opponent, choose something you think is simple words, think they can do up rankings of words. To carry out the relevant analysis. Such as: analyze people do words fierce competition is not fierce, if not fierce, they can choose to do the words to do the long tail.

obtained from some QQ group inside, get the latest information from the inside, obtained from micro-blog and WeChat above. We can add a lot of peer QQ group, QQ group inside general discussion hot topic more, is your site can be used as key words, and little above and QQ information which discussed the hot topic, all the words you can as long tail.

for mining the long tail words mining tools, there are a lot of Web mining long tail words, such as the owners of the house of the long tail mining tool is very good, and the long tail word love station mining tools, can also use the love index of Shanghai mining tools etc..

to share with you today about the long tail of the choice of words, don’t look down on the long tail words, do more, the flow can be a lot more than the main words. I also confused, often very competitive words, results got half a year still do not go up. Later found that many stations are doing more long tail words, after seeing a little changed my understanding of Shanghai dragon.

long tail word choice in second steps:

but to do the long tail words, the webmaster must know Shanghai Longfeng optimization, there is a certain basis to do, or to talk about the long tail word choice, let your web site traffic soared.

conclusion: the long tail word choice from various places, can also be discussed in people’s life can also be a topic, newspapers and television, in short, only.

long tail word choice in fourth steps:

1. in Shanghai and colleagues know love website can see love Shanghai people know which questions, the general people questioning the title, you can be used as the site of the long tail words you.

provided above is the long tail word mining tools provided below under "mining long tail words:

long tail word selection the first step: