actually think about why so many webmaster are afraid of love sea K station, it is because the love of Shanghai is their parents, more than eighty percent of the site traffic from Shanghai to love, so many webmaster, even love Shanghai mercy dances, but to get rid of the bondage of love Shanghai really is not an easy thing. But I have heard a word is the most powerful, a friend in that Google included when speaking half, "said Google dropped to 0 all right, as long as the love of Shanghai normal OK", although the friend this sentence some exaggeration, but it is undeniable that the love is too heavy in Shanghai webmaster eyes to be, it is also because of strong support to love Shanghai, so many webmaster ranking as the love of Shanghai is the most important brand building, but the brand lies in other platform ranking is obviously the most stupid way, because the love of Shanghai at any time will K your stand, and you called the ranking will disappear, and then the brand and value a few money, the same situation, Mr. Lu Songsong’s blog ranking fell on some time ago, but after asking, Lu teacher flow was not affected too much, because he has Make a brand, the brand flow vertical flow in the true sense, and this is what we need, only the development of the brand, it will not let the business of our company in Shanghai K station after love become embarrassed, and then seek for the method of self-help awful, and if so, I can only say you are love Shanghai set.

depends on, always want the market towards a direction favorable to the development of

at the forum, in the QQ group, called love the people of Shanghai is too much, but no one works, love Shanghai or in accordance with their own ideas and actions, although as a webmaster, we are powerless, but not self pity, we face the new environment to actively seek countermeasures is. But some webmaster blindly passive, when 3SB war broke out, naive to think that 360 will get to love Shanghai, grassroots we bring the spring, but such a practical idea? We want to love Shanghai takes 8 years, 360 years? On technology, theory of operation, which Shanghai lost 360360 points love comprehensive search have amazing performance, fully benefited from its browser. But this is the 360 beat love Shanghai trump? No search algorithm is perfect, I want to search is destined to be like chicken ribs is soso. So when everyone.

fell in love with the sea alone is really "big", did not do

in Baidu endocrine disorder era, even if you are a regular site, even if you stick to the original, you will be always on tenterhooks alive, because every moment will be Baidu staring, and then let you directly back to the liberation, and starting from 6.28 K stations in the storm caused a lot of small and medium long station directly give owners the industry, which survived the webmaster don’t sigh, because it is more unpredictable future in front of them, and several K station events also let us insight into the embarrassment of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners.

for vertical flow