now many webmaster to easy use, collection tools, clatter, breath, a seemingly large website, immediately in front of everyone. Although a lot of time to write articles to save, but the quality of the article is the audience? As can be imagined, you can not have it both ways, you in a short period of time, a large number of articles, the quality is poor; many webmaster acquisition has become a habit, not what website. Garbage station, selling products, buy services, are a collection, some of the drawbacks of the said acquisition:

collection of articles not only by the favour of search engine, and the user is not good, others into your site, no freshness, the articles are read several times, and even some outdated articles, such as 2010, others into your site, perhaps just an accident to enter, but not attractive enough, others want to buy your product that is not possible, or even to allow others to click on another page you have to rely on luck.

included is always the webmaster friends.

three, the website weight is difficult to maintain


four, the website included unstable


, the high repetition rate is not conducive to the collection of

collection from their website can be seen, the website also allows collection keywords have good rankings, also can make a site with high weight, and even published articles can reach the second included effect, but not every day as long as you hold on, little attention on the website the weight it is easy to fall off, and even sometimes, love Shanghai algorithm change, also can let keyword ranking vary significantly, no acquisition station stability is a big drawback, want to let him have a more lasting rankings, only constantly update stand inside and continue to strengthen to maintain the chain.

is a website of the soul, there is a saying that good: it all started with your content and the end. Content is king, is not blown out, but by the thousands on thousands of webmaster friends in the validation of the. If a website does not have content, there is no readability for, want to let more people have a crush on your website, whether attractive enough to see the content on your site.

webmaster friends you want is the quantity and quality of

with love Shanghai technology promotion, the article is original, can easily distinguish, love Shanghai for repeat rate is too high, the articles are not included directly, or is included to eliminate, especially for some low weight of new sites directly, others of the acquisition, collection is certainly very poor, copy others 100 articles included one or two papers can give you to be good, we can not only see the surface, so others reproduced, why people collect so good, actually others website may be a high weight site, good effect is not included what surprise.

two, same readability