in recent years, the momentum of development of local building materials Jiezhuang websites very rapidly, building materials belonging to the nature of the industry Web site, generally have a certain scale, so the promotion is not particularly easy, especially in the early stage, the effort not to mention, from the site to this development to the present, can be said to be a great the harvest, especially the promotion of this piece, I realized that the local building materials site online and offline is the guest, needs to take seriously.

online promotion


line in fact, everyone can see, as long as the keywords you choose to have a good ranking, so some users will take the initiative to click on the site, the user can be said with the keywords, as long as the keyword ranking in, there will be a part of the user after arrival, they find the information they want, and this part of customers have few is your cooperation, this is the expected effect, so for online users, there are mainly three kinds of building materials in Zhangzhou I used way of promotion:

first, the building materials industry portal soft Wen: on the whole, the soft is one of the most effective means of promotion. Although the feeble effect of portal building materials as before, intense competition, and ensure the quantity under the premise of quality declined, but compared with other methods, soft or praiseworthy, sometimes a soft 3-5 will lead to a customer consultation, although some did not talk, but at least let me see the effect.

Promotion ask

second, large scale and high standard: Q & a promotion has always been a piece of treasure, there are many problems to be solved. Then I will use my professional knowledge to answer them, by the way to promote their own. Sometimes there is a need to answer, but the answer effect did not answer, because the answer is to help customers, it is possible to obtain customer’s question and answer is to attract users, there are differences between the two. I am in the promotion of the time, are very serious, for the user to feel our professional.

third, to enhance the ranking of keywords to the top three: keywords ranking is very important, it is the source of sustainable new users protection. I do keyword method is to create a large number of related blogs, blog, and continuously updated, when included are normal, have to do the chain, it is very good, but after all is big workload Dazhen, early, everything is hard in the beginning. But to do rankings, I do the first three, the Internet has such a consensus, not the top three ranking market becomes very small.

line promotion

finished the online promotion of the way, there are more important point is to promote the line. Offline promotion is divided into two stages, the early is posted everywhere advertising, next to our building materials market, wire rod, Gongjiaozhanpai columns, walls and so on, are very soil, but I insisted on. Wait until the keywords ranking improved, there is a certain user time, take these data, to find the local store to find opportunities to cooperate, tell them that the Zhangzhou decoration network every day about IP and PV, put on advertising