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, read many articles about the construction site every day, found a problem, the site is in a state of isolation, not combined with the reality, that is to say no to combine online and offline. Web site to develop, must be combined with online and offline operations, of course, there should be more co-ordination in business planning, planning and management to understand how to make the site invincible.

three years ago, when in school, we have a team founded net net, was linked to the University Network Information Center, just a year to become one of the four major network media school, maximum daily visits reached 110 thousand.

how do we do this in a short period of time, which is inseparable from the overall planning and management. The establishment of the site at the beginning, we do a site on the overall planning, two months after the completion of the development of the site, within six months to make the site mature, within a year to become a campus portal.

was in 2006, Web2.0 proposed we soon, namely "interactive" to set the maximum site features, the main section of the website for the campus news, television, community, blog, electronic magazines, audio literature etc..

in order to expand the influence of the site, we carried out a series of planning for the development of the site. Mainly by the following aspects:

1.logo design competition

website through the logo design competition, mobilize the enthusiasm of participating in the construction of the site, expanding the impact of the site, but also save the labor costs.

2 network host contest

network host contest is the largest event hosted by the website, the main promotion of sound literature column. Network host contest for two months, a month of planning and preparation, the implementation of a month and held. Activity registration, program recording, online voting, preliminaries, finals of the five links, each link website will track and report, the final vote on the network to the traffic 110 thousand. The event not only to the site on a big step, laid the foundation of the network media, but also to the site has brought considerable income. The event, the success of finding sponsors Foxconn, not only to get the full funding of the site hosting activities, but also to allow all members to travel once.

3 film screamingscreenings

The main section of the

website through television, film screamingscreenings expanded the influence of the website, the website of the TV programs in the campus media irreplaceable.

4 blog contest

held a blog contest, enrich the content of the site, an increase of a large number of members, but also the popularity of blog knowledge.

5 special events

website, according to each festival, each season, each major event, the introduction of real-time topics, enrich the content of the site, closer to the lives of students, expanding influence.

6 media campus line