this site will be held in September 21st, third full novice master training seminars. QQ group: 47012513    only accept complete novice. Webmaster veteran, please let out of position. More opportunities for novices.
the expected time, the evening of September 21st 7:30- 10.   please tell each other.
      this lecture is free training, Admin5 webmaster personally lecture. The plan is:
    domestic owners of the past, now and future reference
    how do the webmaster, what you need, how to do in the Internet cafe. What tools are needed.
    HTML language commonly used code.
    how to do a simple page on the machine.
    how to pick free space, and use free space
    how to buy domain name and space, domain name and space value.
    how to resolve domain name.
    how to manage the space control panel
  how to upload FTP software.
    Adsense commonly used software
    site positioning, home page design
    how to copy the template of others.
    make the first page of your life.
    how to do a few links, a few pages.
    if the promotion of your station.
    how to be included, such as Baidu, as well as advertising code.


program is the content.   QQ group 40702240  please, is already not to join the webmaster, to give more opportunities for newcomers, in addition to the night can not catch up with the time do not worry. We will regularly, once a week, a novice free training. Remember Admin5, remember the site contact  step by step to become a webmaster.

qq group rules
1 before the lecture, to see the number, if a lot of people want to join, we will ask everyone on the line, there is no on-line t to go, in order to allow more people to receive free training.
2, can be banned in stealth, talk, even if you have to maintain order, because the 200 individuals in the QQ group, often.