Baidu launched Baidu talent (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Lei Jianping) April 11th news, micro-blog suffered a shock and a breach of privacy questioned the recruitment website recently has a huge traffic advantage one disaster after another, the search giant Baidu has been involved in the network recruitment market, and launched resume move fierce dig future worries, Zhaopin and corner.

well-known analysts Hong Bo (micro-blog) said, with Baidu in the online recruitment market, the domestic job market pattern will inevitably impact, and has become a tool for recruitment website advertising, for high-end people gradually lose the value of recruitment.

has been involved in: push open platform aggregation Recruitment Information


it is understood that this is not Baidu’s first foray into the online recruitment market, with the recruitment market more and more from the line to line, as early as last September, Baidu quietly involved in this market, a search for "UI designer" in Baidu, can appear a lot of recruitment information, the content provided by the 58 city and Ganji and Zhaopin website.

recruitment information from the point of view, only in Zhaopin three giants in the forefront of online recruitment recruitment to join, the other two defendants and did not join. In this regard, an industry source to explain that these companies are the industry heavyweights, why now want to insert a Baidu, has been in the water fiery recruitment market share. Join the Baidu open platform will also be heteronomy.

in fact, even if you join the Baidu open platform 58 city also have concerns, the 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo (micro-blog) said at the time, to the city to find the recruitment of the user’s information is significantly more than from Baidu to. This is mainly because the user can not only choose a career, he will be in a variety of occupations compared with each other, it is natural or professional website content rich. Yao Jinbo believes that Baidu in this market will be successful depends on whether the service provided by the user can be accepted, and whether the user will further increase.

in the Baidu quietly launched Baidu talent page, Baidu and the three largest online recruitment giant more intense, especially the launch of Baidu’s move resume is more users can be in other recruitment information on the website directly over the equivalent translation, a fundamental solution to several major recruitment website.

technology Tencent Baidu launched Baidu talent issue call Zhaopin CEO Guo Sheng, the other in the clear identity after that he is in a meeting, will be looking for a secretary with the Tencent technology after contact and hurried off the phone. and qianchengwuyou, temporarily did not make any response.

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