every time someone asked me.Cn QQ domain name in the end how the matter, Khan, how do I know what happened, you ask the next Mao wei. Bored!
    CNNIC Chinese name China two words, it is a great insult to the two words, do rogue software so confidently, while not allowing individuals to register.Cn, while encouraging registration, players typically mensao.
    CNNIC; also in business people also three-in-one identity, is the nation’s sorrow, the Internet will not, do not keep the rules of the system, the obligation is unknown, do not stay chaste. CNNIC is not as Sister Lotus, sister Furong at least also face their own, to improve, CNNIC is still epidemic episode, mensao.
    "Mensao family" refers to the appearance of law-abiding, serious inward; heart is full of passion and desire for the group, both sides. This is the result of the conflict between human instinct and social ethics.
    "Mensao" "boring" is just a helpless disguise, is a mask. When out of line of sight of the community, in a safe and secure private small world, you can put aside the boring this mask, so Sao instinct was released. Moreover, "Mensao" Sao ", tend to be more strongly than others! [Abstract] in Baidu Encyclopedia
          China domain name registration the integrity of the market is still a problem, the relationship between CNNIC and the major, the domain name is the Internet based service, CNNIC or master of basic services into chaos. Jinchang, Jinchang. China’s Internet users at the mercy, start with a clean slate, repent and be saved!
    let us see from an article: "Tianya Jianxiang yellow version of CNNIC in the end how shameless"


– CNNIC, shameless! Shameless! Shameless! Finally shameless, finally shameless! CNNIC will not give users any opportunity to reflect.

– Chinese Internet Network Information Center CNNIC a crafty old scoundrel! He inherited the tradition of the traditional scoundrels bent solely on profit. The gangsters, thugs, shameless possessed soul in this moment! CNNIC Chinese a domain name registration organization. It represents all profiteers of history and tradition, in this moment he’s not only.