April 7th news: U.S. IT commentator Robin · Waters (Robin Wauters) wrote that, although the number of enterprises and individuals registered.Eu domain name domain name in the EU after the start of 5 years has doubled to about 3 million 400 thousand, but the results are not worth celebrating.

.Eu domain name was originally launched in December 7th 200, and in the following year in April to open to the public registration of 7. In the five anniversary of the official launch of the domain name on the occasion,.Eu domain name authority EURid released a press release to celebrate the.Eu domain name birthday of five years.

EURid data show that the number of registered.Eu domain users doubled in five years, ranked the world’s top domain name in the top ninth.

but it’s not worth celebrating.

look at the data is not difficult to find. EURid said that the current.Eu domain to the EU 27 countries more than 500 million people open. All organizations and individuals of all EU member states can register the domain name.

but so far, the number of registered users of the domain name is still slightly less than 3 million 400 thousand. From another point of view, in 2006 of April, that is, the first month after the official launch of the.Eu domain name, the number of registered users has reached 1 million 700 thousand, that is half of the current number of registrations. In other words, the number of domain name registration doubled in five years.

in addition, the number of registered users of other European domain name can also explain the problem. For example, the number of registered users in Germany.De is 14 million 300 thousand, the number of registered users in the UK.Co.uk,.Org.uk and other domain names for the number of 9 million 300 thousand.