grassroots webmaster helpless and the status quo put down your standing quietly think about it

first I feel very lonely very helpless, for the industry in the future of their helpless, helpless, to do a webmaster’s daily life helpless, the webmaster occupation frustration, people love to hate… Maybe… This is just my personal opinion, does not represent the entire business owners helpless, last night to update the site to find the program after more than 3 points, to go to work today, so sleepy. Write your own webmaster (feeling, commentary and inference, does not mean that the industry is just heartbreaking personal experience) have the same way to a common communication…

Ma: I borrowed ma do website

I was born in the countryside, I did not take the first college entrance examination. The milk the strength to come out was admitted to a second rate University, university time is very good, although the cultural knowledge is not learned much, but my experience increased a lot, when I was in college I was successfully held in our school the first college digital products expo. I have made a lot of money, and I have known a lot of people in the society, and some of them have become friends. To this end, I have some of their products, such as Noah electronic dictionary, NOKIA phones, etc.. I can earn my tuition during my college years. To this end, I became a famous businessman in the university. I am proud of this, slowly I really think I have the ability, after graduating from college always want to start their own business, want to make big money. For all my fantasy.

webmaster friends: master the game rules to make your monthly income of million

used to do network management, the knife had played an online game. If you want to beat the opponent in the game, the most basic condition is to master the rules of the game, master the rules of the game with the practice. Establish a set of their own play, it is easy to remain invincible in the game.

Google Adsense Summit: the most profitable EzineArticles talk about site operations

In October 23rd 2008 Google released

‘s summit meeting, founder Christopher Knight made a keynote speech, because my English dysplasia, and no use of simultaneous translation headset, so only to the speech PPT were extracted, including some omission, please forgive me.

learn to Ma peasant girl can also be fun


I was born in an ordinary rural family in Shaodong County of Hunan Province, is a real peasant girl, the family was poor, and there is no backing, to change their own destiny, can only rely on their own efforts. At the age of 16, I was admitted to the Hunan agriculture school, graduation and work hard to find the difficulties faced, so 98 years of practice, I decided to go to work in Guangdong. That year I was 19 years old.