China’s Internet has now been a considerable development, in my understanding, China’s Internet refers to the Chinese people can understand the numerous web site composed of the group. China’s Internet has several fundamental characteristics.

      secondly, China’s Internet is still a minority of the world. Some people have doubts, not now very fire is Web2.0, how is that a few people in the world? Remember, I said that China’s Internet can really earn the money of the Internet, and those who just enrich the content for a small number of people to create wealth. You know how many people China created the Internet, as webmaster, Chinese has innumerable, not to mention the bloggers, but their case survey worry ah, their hard work basically is difficult to return. Most of the interests of small and medium-sized Adsense mainly from advertising, but advertisers have ignored them, and many owners earn benefits are often some of the so-called advertising alliance to flicker most. So on the Internet in China can really make money or a few people.

      in China’s Internet there is also a big feature that is particularly strong speculation. What impressed me most is the network game inside the new entrants to the journey, but Mr. Shi Yuzhu’s high is high here, his health is entirely by melatonin stir fry success. Of course, the appropriate hype is a means of self promotion, but excessive speculation is a bit of a loss of taste.

      on the whole, although the Chinese Internet needs to improve a lot of places, but the overall is in progress, China’s Internet is beautiful, the opportunity is also a lot of!

      see the Internet Chinese again. The Internet China saying that white is the world’s largest network into the main China. They don’t seem to be in such a good situation. Yahoo Chinese horrors, MySpace China frustrated, is the portrayal of several. As in the case of MySpace, they speculation of MySpace long before Chinese officially launched, speculation is really successful, but when I landed on a look, I am confused, this is the legendary MySpace? >.