this morning launched iPhone5s M Miller mall 1999 yuan of panic buying 9 anniversary, 1 minutes before the beginning of the accident, the fault, the site can not be opened, then M Miller APP also appeared unable to open and flash back phenomenon, all of a sudden, customer complaints four. So, what happened? M Miller deliberate hype? Or the website of malicious attacks that morning? Just a few minutes, what’s


5s1999 yuan grab customers, dealers group incoming


reporter learned that July is the 9 anniversary of Mickey Miller mall, Mimi le for Thanksgiving 9 years of membership support and companionship, M Miller shopping mall on the premise that the original buy fresh Friday free single, 0 yuan to buy many preferential activities, also planned the 10 morning of July 10th, 1999 yuan of panic buying marketing iPhone5s. However, in 1 minutes before the start of the event, rice miller mall has serious faults occur, a large area of the site paralysis.

According to

M Miller executives said, this 1999 yuan iPhone5s panic buying activities, not only to attract more consumers, attracted major attention of dealers. You open the mobile phone, make friends with congenial persons, gathering in crowds and groups of plate, computer and all communication tools, ready to make the "cheapest iPhone5s" grab the hand. It is understood that 9 meters Miller mall anniversary since the beginning of July 1st, the site traffic has risen, the first round on Friday to buy fresh Friday free single after the event, the flow of over three times this Friday, in just a few minutes, while on Friday, over three times. A large number of customers in the backstage database directly collapse stampede in. For a while, the site, APP, WAP interface can not open. Said the 5S did not even go into the purchase interface, flew.

users have Tucao what ghost website simply can not open, the site can not open, not to mention buying Apple 5S, I want to find your leadership complaints!

tries to fix 5S to buy

users are more anxious than rice or music staff, good planning of Thanksgiving has become marketing activities from the black accident. The accident occurred after 1 hours, after an emergency rescue, and finally restore the normal operation of M Miller mall.

at 12:00 meters, Miller mall official announcement issued finally officially respond to the matter, claiming that due to site failures caused by iPhone5s, panic buying activities are not carried out smoothly, has snapped to customers will arrange normal delivery. In order to make up for those who did not grab customers at 17:00 start to panic buying. Although the front of the accident so that everyone is very depressed, however, take the attitude and M Miller immediate remedial approach or save a lot of friends of the heart, 17 PM to panic buying did not grab the users, in addition to some regret, in general seems to be enjoyable.

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