at present, although the number of business incubation base in China is rising, but the development of most of the entrepreneurial base is still insufficient, still in the stage of exploration and development. The introduction of excellent incubator can guarantee to provide the best quality of incubation services, but also to the local business incubator plays a reference role.

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"enlightenment star for the Ningbo entrepreneurs to open a Unicom North wide channel. At present, we have 3 projects to raise all the chips with Taobao, Jingdong and the 1 projects to raise public equity results docking. Later, according to the needs of some entrepreneurial team, has reached a cooperation agreement with a number of service providers in cloud services, media, marketing, design, chip, manufacturing and other related sectors." Enlightenment star incubator (Ningbo) general manager Zheng Qingwei introduced, in the future we will give full play to the resource advantage of financing on the one hand, Ningbo local entrepreneurial projects to enlighten the global service resource chain, accelerate its growth rate, on the other hand will bring enlightenment of global innovation science and technology introduction to Ningbo, to help the transformation and upgrading of traditional industry."