what is entrepreneurship? I believe there are not a few entrepreneurs can really understand what is the essence of entrepreneurship, and even more people do not even know the entrepreneurial goals, not to mention the other? If an entrepreneur wants to succeed, it is necessary to explore more entrepreneurial nature. The following is Feng Lun entrepreneurial experience sharing, I believe can help you further see the essence of entrepreneurship.

1991, when the six of us started the company, the average age was about 25.8. In fact, at any time, entrepreneurship is a young thing, so today more than and 20 years old are also very normal. In this era of entrepreneurship, in fact, is a relatively ideal state, although there is nothing, but many people are willing to join, so that it really has become.

in entrepreneurship, faith is an important starting point. Because the relationship between government and business, a lot of private entrepreneurs eventually became academicians, not the hospital is the court, which is a very cruel reality. They started 30 years ago, the final outcome is actually like this, but we should not only feel the sorrow and loss of courage, more important is to find an answer: to grasp things, do not have such an outcome? We found that there is one thing as long as the right, it is absolutely possible to survive, although not guaranteed to make money, that is the value.

values is very simple, grandparents will tell you those words, for example, to be honest, kind, can hold the basic line in any legal vague place. We have proposed guarding is surprisingly, which defends the positive is 90% things as far as possible through the same, a few things occasionally flexible. Over the past more than and 20 years, we have been adhering to this creed, review once a year, to see if they have to adhere to the original values. This matter is very important, the six of us no matter where they are, no one because of economic problems become academicians".