e-commerce has blossom everywhere in the market. But in the face of China’s vast rural areas, there seems to be a lot of inconvenience. Here is a solution to Yubei District.

Tong Jing Li, a carrier of grapes, Shangluoqi mustard, Mainz bamboo rokkyo…… These are produced in Yubei District quality agricultural products (000061, stock it) through the electricity supplier platform to millions of households. In April 26th, Yubei District to Su Ningyun’s (002024, shares) to build the rural industrial park officially opened.

in the future, the public can buy online orders in Yubei District characteristics of agricultural products, and the local community store to high-quality "Tuhuo to within 24 hours".

Yubei District Business Bureau responsible person, Yubei District rural industrial park by Yubei District and well-known business Su ningyun together to create the project is located in Tongjing Town, a total investment of 9 million yuan, covers an area of 10 mu, building area of 2600 square meters, currently has 25 enterprises.

is worth mentioning is that the industrial park by the regional logistics warehousing and centralized distribution to reduce distribution costs, the public through odd network’s happy shopping network under a single purchase of characteristic agricultural products in Yubei District, the industrial park will carry goods sorting in unified storage point is located in the Metro Airport, and in 24 hours to match the customer location of the community store, by the public to the community store from mentioning, and by the community shops to provide customer service service.

is currently the district has been in the back, Xing Longxi, Longshan, Shuangfeng bridge, and the temple, temple and 9 Street 20 community store layout. By the end of this year, the district will build 100 community stores in Yubei District, the future will be built in the city within the scope of the 3000 community stores, so that the quality of agricultural products through Yubei District rural electricity supplier platform to millions of households.

high-quality agricultural products to millions of households not only optimize the allocation of resources, enrich the table of others, but also conducive to the rapid development of the local economy, is a significant measure.

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