first_imgSeptember 23, 2009 The foundry crew constructed a set of new furnaces by building a form and using a type of concrete that can handle an intense amount of heat. Here we see the new furnaces surrounded by an old metal plate platform. For each ‘Heat’ the furnace heats up 80 to 90 lbs of bronze to about 2100 degrees Fahrenheit. [photo & text: sa] Welding master Brent Scott is working on a custom made new set of metal grids to replace the old furnace platform. We see bolts welded in place that will be used for leveling. [photos & text: sa] Foundry crew members Peter and Brendan Siegl carry one of the new grids to be installed around the furnaces. [photos & text: sa] Foundry manager Andy Chao, Brendan Siegl and Brent Scott. [photo & text: sa] Andy is leveling each grid by adjusting the leveling bolts. One of the new furnaces. The crew normally pours three heats per day with an average of 50 bells a heat. That works out to 39,000 bells a year with a 93% success rate of pouring. The Arcosanti bronze Foundry supplies not only all the bells for the Arcosanti Gallery but also helps supply the Cosanti Gallery and wholesale orders. [photos & text: sa]last_img