first_imgBack in February, when Discover launched, a passenger on a commercial flight managed to take an incredible video of the shuttle leaving the Earth’s orbit. During today’s launch of space shuttle Endeavour the same thing happened. You can see the result above.Stefanie Gordon was on a flight from NYC to Palm Beach and that had the good fortune of flying within seeing distance of Endeavor. Gordon, luckily, was seated on the correct side of the plane with a camera at the ready, and took both pictures and video of the shuttle after it broke through the cloud cover.You can see the original images here and here. A brief video of the shuttle flying towards space is available as well.Gordon wasn’t alone in taking some amazing footage of Endeavour, @garrett_zach got some video as well. He shot his video from the ground with a 500mm lens… not quite as dramatic as from a plane the but it’s definitely worth a watch.If you’d like to see NASA’s video of the final launch of Endeavour, that has been made available as well. NASA’s two-and-a-half minute clip shows the shuttle leaving the ground and then going through the lower parts of the Earth’s atmosphere. Today’s launch, the start of mission STS-134, went smoothly though it had been delayed due to an issue with the auxiliary power Unit heaters in late April.