has the advantage of brand clothing to join the project choice, is a very powerful choice. How about the Pocono fashion sports brand? In the clothing market, not only is very popular, and join the Pocono fashion sports brand items, or very has the advantage of choice.

The Pocono

fashion sports brand fashion and avant-garde movement, and both comfort. It praised the "fashionable life, the joy of movement" philosophy of life, a new interpretation of free happy and comfortable way of life, so that each put on the Pocono fashion sports brand people can easily deal with every occasion. With the precise market positioning and the keen market sense, the brand will become a well-known fashion sports brand, and set up a good brand image! Is now the rapid development of the occupation of the entire fashion market, the industry has become a benchmark, but also a leader in the market position! The Pocono leading fashion sports brand, to help your career.

joined the Pocono fashion sports brand seven cooperation support:

1, store location support. Send site manager to assist store location, and conduct a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the business district in order to determine the prospects and feasibility of the shop, to ensure the location of the store to achieve the best.

2, decoration support. The professional design team, to provide professional design decoration, truly one-stop service decoration, let you save time and money.

3, expert training support. Send the senior supervisor personally launched professional training, free of charge, improve the level of sales and service quality, let the store management work more professional, more effective.

4, opening support. The regional operation supervision to store providing business guidance, develop business plan, and assist the lead store business sales work; at the same time, in order to assist the senior supervisor of the pre opening, selection, and according to your city, consumption preference, crowd style to help you choose the most suitable for the goods.

5, after sales support. In the shop during the operation, the entire headquarters to provide business guidance, promotion plan and other support, help each area of the store implement promotion plan, the accumulation of membership, digest inventory, so as to improve the sales performance, let the shop stock pressure.

6, human resources support. We have a strong team of expert services, part of their fashion brand operation planning, brand image design, enhance the performance, recycling, low inventory operations, terminal management has a wealth of practical experience, at any time throughout the country for the first time the franchise industry information, is to make our products always walk in the market the.