in order to attract consumers, now many brands will carry out verification activities. However, this is the awarding publicity, but also can be caused by the storm. According to Xinhua news network carrier, Guangxi Nanning Mr. He once spent 120 thousand yuan please collect one hundred thousand another bottle of Coca-Cola beverage bottle, but was rejected when awarding. Coca-Cola (Guangxi) beverage Co., said Mr. He, not to buy Coca-Cola products to consumers, does not have the awarding qualification.

so, what should the Coca Cola Co for awarding Mr. He?

I believe, to honor a bottle, is the legitimate rights of consumers, retailers and manufacturers should be the obligation. Coca-Cola beverage company products in the promotion of the public has clearly defined: as long as the consumer can carry winning cap, give the expiry date within a specified period of time, but did not announce the awarding of other additional conditions. As a result, Coca-Cola beverage company refused to pay one hundred thousand of his collection of "come back a bottle of coke bottle cap" is really not!


awarding Mr. He’s not stolen, or robbed, but instead through the acquisition of legal means, in accordance with the rules of the awarding company should unconditionally give up. Mr. He said to the awarding of what business promotion is to drill loopholes exist in the formulation of rules is that manufacturers of awarding loopholes, rests entirely with manufacturers.


provides manufacturers in awarding the rules: when consumers buy, when retail businesses must face the scene, awarding the cabinet or void; with the purchase of the ticket, to the original purchase of businesses so that they can avoid awarding, awarding big like Mr. He "".

in recent years, this "come again a bottle", "another bag" promotion, has been adopted by many manufacturers. As a retail business, as long as consumers with a cap and a bottle of "or" one package "awarding card, regardless of whether it is in my shop to buy goods, the author will exchange unconditionally to the customer (the premise is: must be my shop selling this product).

, a young friend in my store to pick up a brand of seeds of awarding Zhang card, the child went to the front to happy awarding, the author also said happily: "children, you are lucky!" He did not hesitate in accordance with the provisions of the child for the award.

man to be honest, business integrity. Integrity is the life of the market economy, is related to the business and corporate reputation. Coca Cola Co as a multinational enterprise, actually set their own image and reputation in spite of, excuse, shamelessly refused to pay, it should not be! The negative impact of the company, will always be higher than he refused to pay the one hundred thousand Coke bottles collected by Mr. Ho and the illegal possession of economic benefits