leading cadres to study and implement the new concept of development seminar April 1st morning in the provincial Party school. Provincial Party Secretary Wang Jianjun attended the closing ceremony and speech, stressed the need to study the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping in the training class of the provincial leading cadres and the National People’s Congress to participate in an important speech at the four session of the Qinghai delegation of the spirit, in-depth study of the spirit of the important speech by Secretary Luo Huining at the opening ceremony, continue to deepen understanding, continue with the deepening practice, continue to deepen, to further improve the implementation of the new concept of development, to build a well-off stage in the various tasks.

study period, all the students around the general secretary Xi Jinping important expositions on economic development in the new development of the new normal, the concept, the supply side structural reform and the Qinghai struggle direction, work focus and other requirements, according to the Secretary Luo Huining important exposition on logic, ideas, measures and specific requirements, in-depth discussion with practice further, deepen the understanding of the new development concept, enhance the consciousness of implementing confidence new development concept, master the basic method of implementing the new concept of development. On the graduation ceremony, 4 students made a speech on behalf of the exchange.

Wang Jianjun stressed that the establishment and implementation of the new concept of development is a long-term task. To continue to deepen the study, lead and guide the majority of Party members and cadres to work in the grasp of the core essence, efforts to study and apply it in together, in the new development concept, to guide practice and promote the work of efforts to consolidate and expand the application, to achieve real results. To continue to deepen the practice, focus on the study results through the use of a work practice, to find the problem, study and solve problems, keep thinking acumen and ideological openness, innovation and adapt to the times and practice development way of thinking, good at control the requirements of new ideas, look at the local area Department of development practice, adjustment, and resolutely correct, adapt, do not meet even against the new development concept of knowledge, behavior and practices. To wind up the investigation and study of the wind, pay attention to summarize and refine the good experience from the practice, to promote the development of all activities to focus on the development of new ideas, and constantly create a new situation in the work. To continue to deepen, and seize the "13th Five-Year" planning and implementation, "two a" study and education, the annual assessment of the target responsibility system and the key points of the combination, to consolidate and use, expand the effect of apparent.

Hu Changsheng presided over the graduation.