1 10, Qinghai SME public service platform officially launched operation. As an important part of the public service system of the national network of small and medium-sized enterprises, service platform operation, for the province’s small and medium enterprises to provide convenient online and offline training under the financing, and other basic public services, and services to small and medium enterprises significantly reduce the time and cost, improve service efficiency and response speed. To promote the transformation and upgrading of small and medium enterprises, accelerate the development of non-public economy is of great significance.

reporter learned from the provincial Commission by letter, since it started in 2013, through 3 years of construction, the public service platform of small and medium enterprises in Qinghai province has built 1 provincial-level hub service platform, 9 comprehensive "window" service platform and the 11 industry "window" service platform, forming public services for SMEs system covering the whole province and interoperability.

The key of

public service platform for small and medium enterprises in Qinghai province is the province’s small and medium enterprises to provide legal services, financing guarantee, business counseling, technical innovation, management consulting, marketing information, experience, training, project negotiations, results and products such as public welfare services, and through the "96868" hotline to receive free consulting all kinds of problems of small and medium sized enterprises the. At the same time, according to the common and individual needs of SMEs, integrate and absorb the social service resources, provide the technological innovation for small and medium enterprises, marketing, human resources, information technology, system certification and other special services.

the same day, the Qinghai public service platform for SMEs network also started simultaneously, the operation of the platform shows that the province’s SME Service System and capacity building, and will be on a new level. In the future, with the in-depth development of platform services, the province’s small and medium enterprises in transition and development, non-public economic growth, as well as public entrepreneurship and innovation play an important role in driving and promoting.