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Szczesny: “At Arsenal I smoked and Wenger knew it”

first_imgWojciech Szczesny He has been one of the guests of the official podcast of the Gunners club website: ‘Arsenal Nation’. During the interview, the current Juventus goalkeeper has told for the first time how the famous episode of the cigar in the locker room happened and that cost him his hasty departure from Arsenal in the summer of 2015. That episode happened on New Years Day 2015 and since then, Szczesny lost ownership in the Premier and only played the FA Cup. The following season he left for Rome. But someone must have seen the goalkeeper and went with the ‘story’ to Wenger. “Someone must have seen me smoke, so Wenger asked me if it was true that I had smoked in the showers and I immediately said yes. I was fined and Wenger said: ‘You won’t be able to play for a while’ “, relates the Polish footballer. Even if Szczesny denies that there was a discussion with the French coach: “There were no bad words or a big row. Although I sincerely hoped to return to eleven soon, but Ospina replaced me, who did well in those games. ““Have you ever seen Casillas do that?”Wojciech Szczesny also did some on the field. In March 2014, after winning the London derby at White Hart Lane, the Polish goalkeeper took a selfie alongside Kieran Gibbs and Lukas Podolski with the away stand occupied by Arsenal fans behind.In this same podcast, the Pole recounted Wenger’s anger. “I have one that he didn’t like at all, the famous selfie in White Hart Lane. Looking back he wouldn’t. But you’re 21 or 22 and at the time you think you do those things. It was childish and I knew Wenger was not happy at all He didn’t punish me but he told me. I don’t remember exactly but it was something like: “Have you seen Casillas do something like that?”. “Okay, surely you’re right about that,” I thought later, “said the now Juventus goalkeeper. “At that moment, he was a regular smoker and the coach knew it very well. He just didn’t want me to smoke in the locker room and I respected him. However, due to the emotions of the match (a loss to Southampton in 2015), I decided to smoke a cigarette in front of my teammates. I went to a corner of the shower so no one could see me and lit a cigarette there. “last_img read more

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